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YAY! Vacations!

Well, I am Drawing, after this incredible year doing every kind of thing, including being an actress, yeah, I was on a play produced by my class. I was sooooo cool! To check out the pics, look for me on Orkut!
Well, I have to say, this play inspired me a lot, and so Tarja's album My Winter Storm. Oh man, she's so great. I love Tarja. She's so glamurous! And I don't like this "new" Nightwish at all.
And I started to listen some Xandria and After Forever things. Great Gothic Metal bands.
Well, Christmas is coming, and the new year. Time passes so fast...

  • Listening to: Gothic Metal
  • Reading: Lots of things
CattBlack Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay for vacations!
Will you be more active on deviantart now?

Hahah kidding, do whatever you like
I'd say for you to sleep a lot but I'm not sure if you're the sleepy type hehe

And yeah that album is really good, specially the "I walk alone" music

If we could get a msn window with you, me and Ariel (and lots of free time) it would be great *grin*
thiciana Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
well, I think I can make my msn work...If it is still alive...
For sure I'll sleep a lot, and draw a lot too!
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December 14, 2008